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Process Serving, Skip Tracing & Investigations


(and why we're good at it)

Litigants rely on us for proof and process. We use proven techniques and resources to identify and locate defendants (Skip Tracing). In the field, we leverage that research, a strong knowledge of the law, and creativity, to investigate leads and serve process effectively. We document each step to provide the litigants and the court with as much proof as the nature of the case will allow. 

“Proof & Process is the best in the business, and it’s not a close question.  We work with Christian and his company every time we file a case and the results are outstanding.  Christian is able to get service in some extremely challenging situations where I know most process servers could not get it done.  His investigative work is also top-notch.”  – Jeb Butler, Butler Law Firm


Private Investigations, PI, Detective, Infedelity
Case Sign-ups, business development
Process Service, Process Serving, Courier

We offer Skip Tracing and Investigative services tailored to the specific problem that needs to be solved. We don't just "run a report" on a subject. Rather, we pull data from every major commercial source, property records, vehicle records, utility records, social media, and other open sources.

We analyze all of this data and synthesize it in a way that we have found most likely predicts, with varying levels of confidence and probability, an individual's most current location and contact information. 

Because we have tested our Skip Tracing hypotheses thousands of times by also going into the field to serve process, we have refined the research and analysis to provide top-tier insight to our clients.

Georgia License # PDE050674


I am appointed to serve (yearly appointments) for the following  Georgia courts in 2024: 

  • Fulton Superior

  • Fulton State

  • Fulton Magistrate

  • DeKalb Superior

  • DeKalb State

  • DeKalb Magistrate​​

  • Douglas Magistrate

  • Douglas State

  • Douglas Superior

  • Clayton Superior

  • Clayton State

  • Clayton Magistrate

  • Cherokee Superior

  • Cherokee State

  • Cherokee Magistrate

  • Cobb Superior

  • Cobb State

  • Cobb Magistrate

  • Gwinnett State

  • Gwinnett Magistrate

  • Paulding Superior

  • Paulding State

  • Paulding Magistrate

  • Forsyth Superior

  • Forsyth State

  • Forsyth Magistrate

  • Bibb State

  • Hall Superior

  • Hall State 

  • Hall Magistrate

  • Henry Superior

  • Henry State

  • Henry Magistrate

We offer a complete "end-to-end" solution for litigants. We do our own skip-tracing and investigations. Just email the papers to be served in addition to supplementary documents (e.g., police reports and any previous affidavits or notes about prior attempted service). I'll let you know that I've received and printed the job and whether I have any follow-up questions. When the job is complete, I'll draft the affidavit for you to file with the court. 


Some attorneys consult with us prior to the filing of the lawsuit, requesting a limited skip-trace to determine the most appropriate venue for filing the case.

Sometimes, we are asked to help track down an attorney's own client who has gone MIA and get them in touch with one another to move a case forward. 

Court Appointments
Who We Are


  • J.D. University of Georgia School of Law

  • Licensed to own and operate Private Detective agency in Georgia - Agency License #PDC002746

  • Member of Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators 

  • Member and Vice President of Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers

  • Appointed to serve process out of thirty-three Georgia courts

Process Server,
Private Investigator,


We started this company because we love the law and solving puzzles. The best person for this job is curious, creative, knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical. The assignments can be challenging, but very rewarding. 

Our Mission is to do good work while doing good for the community. When possible, in the Winter, our team collects used jacket and sleeping bags to keep in the trunk so we can pass them out to those needing to stay warm on the streets. For Summertime, we have collected and delivered gently used toys to the children in some of the more economically challenged areas of Atlanta.

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