Process Serving &

Private Investigations


(and why we're really good at it)

We help people and their attorneys with proof and process. We focus on finding and serving hard-to-find tortfeasors, individuals, and corporations. We love what we do and we specialize in the hard cases. While we have the credentials, experience, and resources common to many Process Servers, we separate ourselves from the rest with CREATIVITY and a peerless KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW.


If your client can't get personal jurisdiction because someone is making it very difficult to be found or served, we want the challenge. If your client can't hold a corporation accountable because they are making service difficult, let us help you through the process with an optimal strategy.


Because we can "think like a lawyer" and have a unique ability to adapt to your legal strategy, we ensure cost-effective solutions and can maximize investigative and process serving efforts in accordance with the law. Our deep understanding of the laws related to privacy, trespass, evidence, and civil procedure, means we can obtain the most information and serve the most evasive defendants,  but always adhering to the law. 

Because we can "think outside the box" we find solutions where many others failed. We bring an unmatched level of creativity and tenacity to finding information and people.  If there's a way to get it done and there is a good legal purpose, we'll get it done. 



Private Investigations, PI, Detective, Infedelity

Georgia Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator. Specializes in Personal Injury, and Fraud cases where there are evasive and dishonest defendants. License #PDE050674

Case Sign-ups, business development

Do you need someone to travel to a potential client to help them understand your firm's services and ability? We have a peerless record of successfully signing up clients for those select firms and litigators who have demonstrated litigation success.

Process Service, Process Serving, Courier

The best process server in the state of Georgia. We've got more tricks and tools than anyone else around. Courts where we are yearly appointed for 2021:

  • Fulton Superior

  • Fulton State

  • Fulton Magistrate

  • Dekalb Superior

  • Dekalb State

  • Dekalb Magistrate​​

  • Clayton Superior

  • Clayton State

  • Clayton Magistrate

  • Cobb Superior

  • Cobb State

  • Cobb Magistrate

  • Gwinnett State

  • Gwinnett Magistrate

  • Douglas Superior

  • Douglas State

  • Douglas Magistrate

  • Paulding Superior

  • Paulding Magistrate

  • Henry Superior

  • Henry State

  • Henry Magistrate

  • Forsyth Superior

  • Forsyth State

  • Forsyth Magistrate

  • Bibb State

  • Hall Superior

  • Hall State 

  • Hall Magistrate

Witness Interview, Interrogation,

Strengthen your case and turn witnesses into assets. We find and interview your witnesses, capturing their statements in notarized affidavit form and help determine their testimonial value for trial or deposition. 


With finesse and an emphasis on empathy, we do everything possible in accordance with your legal strategy to obtain the truth and make them available for later testimony. 

We offer a complete "end-to-end" solution for litigators who want to attach Jurisdiction to people and things. We do our own skip-tracing and investigations and don't stop until the job is complete. Just email the papers to be served in addition to supplementary documents (e.g., police reports and any previous affidavits or notes about prior attempted service). I'll let you know that I've received and printed the job and whether I have any follow-up questions. 



  • J.D. University of Georgia School of Law

  • Licensed to own and operate Private Detective agency in Georgia - Agency License #PDC002746

  • Member of Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators 

  • Member and Vice President of Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers

  • Appointed by judges in Twenty-Two Georgia Counties (metro Atlanta) to serve process for their courts

Process Server,
Private Investigator,


We started this company because we love the law and we love helping people get better through the civil justice system. While nothing can replace having the law on your side, we know that cases are won in the trenches and it takes elbow grease to identify, locate, collect, and analyze the facts. The best person for this job is curious, creative, knowledgeable, ethical, with a dash of mischievousness. The challenges are rewarded by daily adventures and solving puzzles with real consequences.

Our Mission is to do good work while doing good for the community. When possible, in the Winter, our team collects used jacket and sleeping bags to keep in the trunk so we can pass them out to those needing to stay warm on the streets. For Summertime, we have collected and delivered gently used toys to the children in some of the more economically challenged areas of Atlanta.